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The industrial market plays a major role in Mullen Rigging’s daily operations. Crews go from jobs such as moving 150 Ton transformers, generators, boilers and pressure vessels, to smaller jobs such as chillers and other mechanical installations. It helps to have the right equipment on the larger moves, and with Mullen Rigging’s many hydraulic gantries, unified hydraulic jacking systems, jack and slide and jack and roll systems, we have just that. When you are able to move a 700 Ton stamping press one day and the next day you are lifting a chiller up the side of a 500’ building with our custom rooftop crane, the experience and diversity of the company and its employees becomes apparent.

If it machines steel, or prints paper, we’ve moved it. Machine shops, printing shops, commercial laundry plants, dairies, food and beverage plants and other commercial facilities are continuing as a large and expanding market for Mullen Rigging. From timely day to day moving of machines to full and complete shop or plant moves, Mullen Rigging caters to all types of commercial moves.

Ever wonder how those escalators and walkways get into those airports?  Mullen Rigging has been providing custom rigging solutions for a variety of elevator companies throughout Western Canada. And yes, the next day you could find Mullen Rigging moving anything from switchgear and safe’s to HVAC components and silo’s.

The Oil & Gas industry in Alberta is significant, and Mullen Rigging is emerging as a notable participant in the marketplace. Whether it be jack and roll, loading, or transport of compressor skids, tanks and other oil field equipment, Mullen Rigging does it all “in house”. This means our customers don’t have to contract out each individual step, but rather, just make one call. Mullen Rigging can supply all of the necessary crews and equipment to complete the job from start to finish.  Mullen Rigging is also involved in plant turnarounds, dismantles and new installations as required by our customers and we understand the tight deadlines that they present.

It is comforting for our customers to know that Mullen Rigging will take care of their plant move from start to finish. Disassembly, electrical, reassembly, equipment and machinery moving, loading, transportation and logistics are all fields that Mullen Rigging deal with on a daily basis.  Whether your plant is moving across the street, or to another country all together, our experienced personnel can look after the move from the initial shut down to the start up at the new location. Our millwrights and electricians work alongside our riggers to make sure equipment is handled properly on the plant floor, while our project managers deal directly with our customers to ensure expectations are met at all levels. The fact that our customers don’t need to contract our portions of a large scale move, makes it easier for them. Mullen Rigging will let the work it performs, speak for itself.

Not all pieces of equipment or machinery can be removed in their complete form. Most old and decommissioned items are generally large and bulky as is the case for much outdated technology. If the piece of equipment cannot be removed, it must be demolished. Mullen Rigging has been in the demolition business since day one of the company. It only makes sense for Mullen Rigging to offer full demolition services so that we can remove the old equipment and then immediately install new equipment. This saves scheduling conflicts between different companies and trades. New construction installations are also a big part of the services offered by Mullen Rigging.  







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